Since 1920, Beaver has given students the power to excel in any circumstance. Beaver challenges students to go beyond mastery of content and conventional problem solving; rather we prepare students for an undefined era where advanced thinking skills such as integration, synthesis, adaptation, collaboration and innovation are the cornerstones of professional success and personal development.

We stretch the capabilities of the mind around academic subjects, particularly when they are connected to ill-defined, complex issues. We place extra emphasis on writing skills and persuasive communication to teach students to express their ideas effectively.

Kaleidoscopic Thinking

Multi-dimensional thinking is the platform for success in today’s complex society.  The earlier students learn the sophisticated thinking skills needed to master this complexity, the better. In all disciplines, we teach students to see things from multiple perspectives, identify a range of approaches, and think adaptively and flexibly to conceive powerful solutions.

NuVu: MIT Studio Training for Students

Working with experts from MIT and Harvard, we recently launched an upper school program built on the MIT studio model of innovation learning.  NuVu challenges creative students to think analytically and analytic students to think creatively. Each term, different studios cover a range of exciting themes such as city of the future and design for development, and feature studios such as fusion energy, balloon mapping and film fiction.  Learn more about NuVu.

Laptops tearing down classroom walls

Using Web 2.0 tools, teachers and students realize the power of instructional technology to transform their learning experience. Students work in groups, using face-to-face interactions to brainstorm, research and edit; laptops extend this collaboration beyond the classroom walls and the school day. Learn more about emerging technologies in the classroom.

Hiatt Center for Civic Engagement

Creating positive social change is a cultural value of the new generation.  It is not a choice, it is a way of life.  In our classrooms students learn the skills they need to be social entrepreneurs, to recognize a social problem and organize, create, and manage a way to make change. Learn more about the Hiatt Center for Civic Engagement.

We educate our students to play at the highest level.  To quickly adapt and master.  To solve problems creatively, think of ideas never considered and build solutions that stick. We give them the ability to combine existing elements to create something totally new. Our students are excited about, not daunted by, the uncertainty and ambiguity that lies ahead.

– Peter Hutton, Head of School